While hiring may appear like an easy job, it can be overwhelming if you have to fill a vacant role in your company by tomorrow. Moreover, focusing on hiring the right talent instead of running your business doesn’t sound like a productive idea.

The intelligent decision here is to hire a recruiting firm to help you in your company’s recruitment better than you. If you maintain a connection with the recruiting firm, you can quickly fill up the position, either by a temporary or permanent candidate in the future. 

However, it is also noted that not every recruiting company does its job effectively. And that’s why it is necessary to research well before hiring any staffing firm. It may be challenging to initially find the right staffing agency, but it can save you from the indefinite challenges of finding the right candidate whenever the demand arises.

Below are a few tips to help you find the right recruitment agency.

Tips for Finding a Great Recruiting and Staffing Firm

Once you build a relationship with a staffing firm that delivers, recruiting suitable talent becomes a breeze. Here are the tips that you should consider while looking for a great staffing firm.

Define Your Business Need

Before you start your research and start questioning the capability of a potential staffing firm, you must understand what your business requires. 

Consider identifying the job role and responsibilities and the answers to the following questions;

  • Is the position a contract Staffing, Contract to Direct Hire or Direct Hire 
  • Do you have any unique state or federal requirements associated with the position
  • Are you looking for an experienced candidate or fresher
  • Will you be open to provide training to the candidate
  • What certifications are your prioritizing for the role
  • What’s the maximum CTC  (what is this) you can provide

Once you’re done with all the internal work, it’s time to research and evaluate a suitable staffing firm.

Research the Right Staffing Agency

There are so many recruiting agencies that offer staffing solutions and claim to be equally good. It becomes confusing at times to identify which one is right for your needs. Here are points to consider before hiring a suitable staffing agency.

How Long Have They Been in the Business?

Older businesses indeed tend to be the most experienced ones. Even though it’s an excellent metric to shortlist a staffing agency, you must consider its records. Understand where the company operates from, when it was established, how many employees they have, who their clients are, etc.

Does the Agency Deal with your Industry?

Qualifying an agency that has experience in your industry is a good decision, undoubtedly. Selecting the agency based on these criteria has nothing to do with being updated on industrial trends. Instead, the agency must be aware of market needs and basic information like the profile’s necessary qualifications and skills. The idea also eliminates the stress of miscommunication as the industry-familiar agency can sort things up accordingly.

How Strong or Large is Agency’s Talent Pool

A talent pool of the agency tells a lot about the agency itself. It could be hard to evaluate the pool of a potential agency from the outside. However, a few parameters can help you with an assumption or ask the agency about the same.

Look out for the staffing agency’s reputation, the size of the company, and how often they provide recruitment solutions to other companies. If it’s possible, observe how the candidate in other companies has performed that the potential agency referred. This can help you to get an idea of the agency’s talent pool.

How Does the Staffing Agency Source the Candidates?

Knowledge of different talent sources is one reason why businesses prefer staffing agencies instead of hiring directly. Since the teams of recruitment agencies are in their professions for so long, they are most likely to be aware of the best sources to find suitable candidates.

While choosing the right staffing agency, you must ask them about the source or what channels they will be using to attract your ideal candidate. Some reputed agencies run their own job portal, and it makes them a good choice. However, using a multi-channel approach is also an assurance of quality service delivery. Most recruitment agencies use Facebook, ZipRecruitter, Indeed, Linkedin, Twitter, Meetup, Monster to find the desired candidates.

What Screening and Background Checks Does the Staffing Agency Perform?

When you hire a candidate, you expect them to be a civilized citizen, who knows how to behave, isn’t violent or abusive, doesn’t do drugs, nor has a serious criminal record in the past.

Here a great staffing firm can keep you covered. And that’s why you must ask the agency about certain background checks and screening candidates before the candidate’s employment.

How Much the Staffing Agency Will Cost You?

Usually, staffing agencies may cost you between 15% to 30% of a candidate’s first-year compensation. However, you have to ensure either they just include the candidate’s salary or include bonuses as well.

You can refer to different staffing agencies to understand the suitable model and negotiate it with the agency you want to hire.

What Does the Staffing Agency Do to Manage Poor Placements?

Even after hiring a reputable agency, who has done proper assessments and background checks of the candidate, wrong hiring may occur. Ask the agency how they will manage if something like this happens.

Usually, staffing agencies provide refunds in such cases. Still, a few agencies may have a different pattern, like providing other remedies for poor placement – see whether the proposed solution is viable for you.

will Staffing Agency Make Face-to-Face Visits?

Hiring is more than just selecting a candidate for a specific job role. The agency must be aware of;

  • the company’s culture
  • how the other team members collaborate and behave
  • what team members will be working with the candidate and 
  • what the employer expects from the possible candidate

These points will help the staffing agency to understand the employer’s needs, and a face-to-face visit is an excellent approach to understand this.

Have you Interacted with Agency’s Customer Service?

Customer service tells a lot about an agency’s work ethic and how they treat their clients, i.e., employers (you). 

You must examine;

  • How responsive is the staffing agency’s executive?
  • Are you able to find the answer to your queries on call?
  • Are the agency’s executives trained enough to deal with your queries? 

Ultimately, these details can help you decide the culture of the staffing agency. Poor culture cannot provide good recruitments.

What Do Agency’s Past Clients Say about it?

Avoid making any final judgment without considering the agency’s testimonials/reviews. You can find the past clients’ reviews of the potential staffing agency from their website. Once you find the past clients, you can email them and ask about their experience with the agency.

It is one of the best ways to draw the strengths and weaknesses of the agency that you cannot identify precisely by any other means.


Even though the staffing agency you hired has rich sources to attract candidates, you don’t need to sell yourself short. It is always better to market your demand as much as possible. While your ideal staffing agency is working behind you, you must distribute your position needs on your social media channels and company pages/website. If you have a marketing team, consider delegating the task to them.

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