On May 13, 2021, CDC said that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks and neither need to maintain 6 feet distance in most settings. The new announcement of normalcy has put many hearts to relief.

The pandemic has led to a huge upheaval across the globe, which made recruiting and staffing an overgrowing challenge. However, with a ray of hope, we can expect the sector to pick up speed.

Even though we can see normalcy around, covid-19 has taught us many lessons regarding work-life balance, mental health, and the life-changing work-from-home working model.

And there’s no denying that companies must adopt new policies to recruit successfully post covid as companies desperately need good talent at this time.

Here’s what you’ll find in the context.

Considerable Tips When Hiring During & Post Covid

Steps to Successful Recruitment During & Post Covid
1. Identify Your New Hiring Goals
2. Re-Evaluate Your Old Recruitment Strategy
3. Market Your Recruitment Posting
4. Leverage New Technology
5. Consider Outsourcing

1. Identify Your New Hiring Goals
Before searching and interviewing a new talent, you must have a few things clear in your mind.
(i) candidate’s responsibilities
(ii) your expectations to the new member, and
(iii) candidate’s ability to fulfill the essential demands
(iv) preferences of new member (as a few employees prefer remote work)

Also, identify what personality will suit the vacant position, what strong points, past experience, and skills (hard and soft) the member must possess. Once you get the idea of all these points, you’re set to developing your new hiring goals.

2. Re-evaluate Your Old Recruitment Strategy
Once you’re done with drafting your hiring goals, it’s time for the next step, re-evaluate your recruitment strategy. Your old recruitment strategy could have many pitfalls, but it was still working somehow as the time was different. If businesses want to pick the pace real quick in their industry, they must choose the best talent to help them.

And for hiring the best talent, they need to evaluate and make changes to their old recruitment strategy. The following questions will help you re-evaluate your strategy; once you get the patterns, you can make changes accordingly.
(i) How easy is the application process?
(ii) Does your job vacancy reach the right candidates?
(iii) Where can you find the right candidates?
(iv) Do you market your job posting enough?
(v) What’s your screening process?
(vi) Is the screening process qualified to test the qualities you expect in your ideal candidate?
(v) How least do you communicate with the candidate while he/she is in the interviewing process?
(vi) How many selection rounds are there in your screening process?
(vii) Do you update the candidate regarding your interview process?

3. Market Your Recruitment Posting
Many companies fall behind when it comes to market the position. Indeed, not every company looks at hiring the way it should be looked. But when you’re expecting an ideal and valuable candidate, you need to move miles to get their attention.

Ask yourself where can you find your ideal candidate? Is it LinkedIn or Indeed? What if you try ads in your approach? Shall you tell other employees to market the position on their social channels? If you manage a good following on your brand’s social channels, you must share your posting there too.

The objective is to use multiple channels for marketing your demand. This will create a diverse pool of candidates to be interviewed.

4. Leverage New Technology
Marketing your job post can (i) give more eyes to your offer and (ii) improve the chances of finding the right candidate. But there’s a downside too.

It is not possible to analyze, sort, and refine all the applications with human eyes or might take months to do so if tried. Additionally, it may also attract some unqualified applicants.
That’s why your process needs automation. If you never used ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) before, it’s time that you must give them a try. ATS is a software application that helps you refine the applications for your hiring. It works as per the instructions given for the recruitment or hiring needs.

As the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of video interviews, you must be ready with the right tools there. If you’re not limited to your office’s geography or willing to hire a remote candidate, you must have the right video conferencing tool in your hand. Google Meet and Zoom are some of the options.

5. Delegate Your Weaknesses

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.” Peter Drucker.

The quote by Peter Drucker is as effective today as it was back then. If you feel that you don’t understand the idea of drafting your hiring goals and marketing them to possible spaces, then outsource your recruiting and hiring needs. This way, you’ll be able to focus on things that you can do better.

The organizations that don’t have enough hiring volume can choose this route as it is easy, makes you less accountable, effective, and affordable. As you research, make sure that the recruitment agency you’re consulting must have the experience in hiring the talent that you need.

Other Considerable Tips When Hiring During & Post Covid

Understand the Importance of Mental Health: The world has changed a lot because of the pandemic. Human preferences and a watch over health has also shifted positively. After covid, it is necessary that the companies also understand the role of mental health in human lives, workplace productivity and in overall well-being.

Adopt Remote Work: Many organizations have adopted complete remote work in such dire circumstances, while some organizations have adopted it on a temporary basis. No matter what the conditions are, the questions on the feasibility of remote work have come to an end. The organizations must adopt remote working in some circumstances for instance, if the candidate is a single mother or other similar situations.

Encourage Diverse Hiring: The more diverse workforce you have, the more innovation, growth, and unique thinking patterns you’ll come across in your organization. Make sure that your hiring goals and recruitment strategy, address the matter.

Understand the Importance of Work-life Balance: The pandemic has brought us to minimalist life, where food, entertainment, and family is sufficient for well-being. And if a company wants to thrive, it must learn to respect what employees care about. Therefore, the organization must begin considering its workforce work-life balance.

Add Extra Benefits to Employees: When coronavirus hit the USA, some companies supported their employees navigate the unprecedented times. This outlook has changed the preferences of many employees with respect to their current employer. Now candidates are more influenced by the benefits provided, and this has become a game-changer in the recruiting and hiring sector, especially after covid-19.

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