Global Developer Population and Demographic Study 2020 found that there are 26.9 million developers around the world, where the US has the largest proportion — around 4.3 million. We don’t know how many of them are employed, but if any US company plans to recruit developers, they might have a hard time finding their ideal match.

Another fact that makes recruiting top developers a challenge is to test their ability to code, which is hard to gauge. Unfortunately, we don’t sell any tool that could measure the developer’s coding ability, but we know a few things that could make your hiring easy.

So, let’s begin with some considerable tips first.

Considerable Tips While Hiring Software Developers & IT Professionals

1. Compensate the Top Developers for their Time

When you’re hiring a top developer, you may end up with 3 to 5 top choices after the initial screening. To make an effective choice, you decide to test again those 3-5 shortlisted developers with similar tasks. Once you find your ideal match, you must compensate the other developers who took their time for your assessment but got nothing.

Ask Realistic Coding Question

One of the ideas to make your candidate’s assessment more accurate is to challenge them with serious troubleshoots that your developing team has witnessed in the past.

The approach will also help you;

(i) to be confident about the solution

(ii) to be open to the problem’s different angles that you might have missed earlier.

(iii) to identify whether the candidate will be able to adjust to the company’s daily challenges.

2. Introduce Candidate to Company’s Culture, Product, and Vision

Most companies’ recruitment starts directly with on-boarding the candidate to their interview process. Instead, the process must introduce what culture the developer can expect, what product they will be working on, and what vision the company holds.

To make the job easy for you, you can send an acknowledgment mail to the shortlisted developers telling them about the company’s culture, pay range, product, and vision. Notably, this must be done after shortlisting the candidates.

4 Major Steps to Hire the best Software Developers & IT Professionals

Indeed you need a plan if you want to attract top developers for your ideal position. And here, we will discuss the steps to follow that plan.

1. Identify your Hiring Goals

Start with identifying your hiring goals, such as the roles and responsibilities of the ideal developer in your company. Identify;

  • What language does s/he have to be an expert in?
  • What skills (such as AWS, Database structure, etc.) they must possess?
  • Do you need a back-end or front-end developer?
  • What framework they must be aware of?
  • How many years of experience are you considering for the role?
  • What type of past project do you expect from the candidate?


Identifying your hiring goals and needs beforehand is likely to make the recruitment process smoother for the company and the candidate.

2. Set an Assessment to Qualify Developer’s Skills

Even though we expect the candidate’s CV to be accurate enough, we should assess the candidate at some events to avoid future mishappenings. It would be best if you ask the candidate for his portfolio.

If you’re hiring a fresher, you can ask for any projects that they did in college. However, top talents, even if they are fresher, keep their portfolio ready.

You can prepare the questions for the candidate regarding their projects, like what challenges they faced in that project and how they overcame it.

You can take your assessment to the next level by incorporating some on-site technical tests. Most top developers refuse to do so, but some often agree. You can prepare an on-site task beforehand, one that’s similar to the job’s responsibility, and evaluate the developer’s logical thinking and coding skills in real-time.

3. Find Sources to Market Your Ideal Position

The easiest and accurate way to market your job role is to go to places where top developers hang out.

According to the 2019 Stack Overflow survey, Reddit, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Facebook are widely used platforms by technical people like developers. The objective is to create your brand’s presence on these channels to attract the top developers’ interest in your job role.

Please note that presence builds over time. And if you know that you’ll need a developer after six months, you better start investing in it from today.

You can share valuable information and trends regarding the software industry on Facebook groups, subreddits, twitter’s tweets, and Whatsapp status/groups. However, to make the value sharing efficient, you can delegate the task to someone experienced in the IT industry.

Use Referrals: Referrals are one of the major sources of successful recruitment. However, one has to have a solid network to expect quality referrals. You can network with other recruiters on Linkedin as well and expect a reference when the demand arises.

You can also share your ideal position with your former employees (for referral) and friends who might have some connections to developers.

Other Alternatives: You can also tell your current team members to share on their social media channels about the position. Moreover, you can also use job boards like Indeed, Craigslist, and Monster to find the top talent.

Sort the Applications

Selling your position short must not be an option if hiring top talent is your priority. But filtering the suitable applications may take days if you stick with a common approach.

That’s where automation comes into play. You can use ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to filter the top talent through the applicant’s CVs.

You can learn more about leveraging technology in your recruitment strategy from our previous blog, where we have talked about five major steps to recruitment during covid and post covid (along with five additional tips).

4. Ask for Help from an Experienced IT Staffing Agency

If you think that this is too much to do for filling a developer’s position, it is better that you ask for help instead of wasting your time and effort on it.

Instead of doubting your evaluation system, or maybe you don’t know how to set up the right evaluation system, you can delegate the entire process to a recruiting agency.

Ensure that you look for an experienced staffing firm, so you don’t have to make them understand your ideal position in detail. For instance, if you’re hiring a developer, consider an IT recruiting agency like Powersource Staffing — an IT recruiting agency in Minnesota.

If finding the right staffing agency seems like a challenge to you, you can refer to our other resources. We have shared what steps you’ll need to find a great recruiting agency, along with the questions to ask while researching for the one.

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